hello friend!


Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out Ashley Mueller Photography.


In my day-to-day I’m a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. Ive happily been a photographer for over 9 years. I grow with every session and come out with new friends afterwards. I love all my jobs and all the new friends I meet on the way.


My photography style is a mixture of posed and lifestyle in a natural-light environment. I love to get the special family shots but also those just-as-special in between moments of snuggles, laughter and butterfly kisses. I love for my photos to embrace the colours around us, green from nature, bright colours from urban settings and everything in between. Embrace the colours the world offers us.  


In my everyday life, as well as my photography, I want to remember the small things that will long be forgotten in five, or even twenty years.


Make it count!

                                          Ashley Mueller